KLkarina W F-Tec FG CompressionTights
KLkarina W F-Tec FG CompressionTights
KLkarina W F-Tec FG CompressionTights

KLkarina W F-Tec FG CompressionTights

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Our full-grip compression riding tights are the key to every aspect of equestrian life, from cleaning tack to riding in the fields, these riding tights are an essential.
Designed to empower you both in and out of the saddle, these tights feature a high waist and a wide waistband that not only flatter your figure but also provide optimal support. Equipped with full-grip technology, these tights offer unmatched control and stability, allowing you to execute precise movements with unwavering confidence. Feel your horse whilst riding and still continue with stable tasks afterwards.

The fabric of these tights is not just luxurious; it also possesses a compression function that enhances blood circulation, reducing muscle fatigue and promoting quicker recovery. With incredible stretch and shape retention that offers unparalleled flexibility and comfort, enabling you to move with ease and freedom.
During intense training sessions or warm sunny afternoons, these tights keep you cool and dry with their breathable and quick-dry function. The fabric efficiently wicks away moisture, allowing you to focus on your ride without distraction.

For your convenience, we've added a phone pocket with contrast piping and a metal loop logo. Your essentials are always within reach, securely stored and easily accessible. In a bustling stable environment where every moment counts, staying connected through your phone is essential.

  • High-waist tights with wide waistband
  • Full silicone grip
  • Fabric with compression function
  • Superb stretch and shape retention
  • Great flexibility and comfort
  • Breathable and with quick-dry function
  • Phone pocket with contrast piping and metal loop logo